For decades Karst Plateau wines have been often snubbed; in the recent times the movement of wine producers in the Karst region has expanded thanks to some brave pioneers, among them all of the name of Edi Kante. Kante has been able, over the years, promoting its wines of the highest quality, being able to pave the way for a few but convinced followers.

Edi Kante’s wine appears on the scene in 1980 and from this moment has become a landmark among the vigneron of this beautiful area, being able to give birth to wines that are the perfect expression of this terroir.

Edi’s great passion and iron will to know the Karst wines have also led to build a unique wine cellar, a hole 15 meters deep that spreads in multiple floors, with natural decreasing temperatures, dug in a natural cavity of the living rock. A really charming and fascinating winery, which is definitely worth a visit.

The vineyards of Edi grow in small plots more or less taken from the sinkholes, basins of fertile land that emerge between the karst cliffs, or on stony ground with most of red earth: all are nonetheless been "invented" by Edi, who has them created by splitting rocks and moving stones.

All this has contributed to its success and the production of unique wines, expression of an area thanks to Kante and his innovative methods.

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